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December 15, 2008
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Twas the Night Before Christmas,
And Everyone was Hearty
The were all getting ready
For the big Christmas Party!

The First Guests arrived
They were filled with such glee!
The were BigAl, Lillylivers
And of course, RandomDCE.

The boys pulled out their Mistletoe
They reached for a kiss,
But Lillylivers ducked,
And the Unfortunately missed.

She had her sites set
On a trio of Theives
They were Goemon, Jigen
And Lupin, you see!

They were ready for Christmas
Ever since this morning!
But just then,
Fujiko busted in without Warning!

She was Dressed all in red
In her sexyist dress.
Needless to say,
Lupin was QUITE impressed.

He pounced on her like a tiger,
Ready to deck HER halls,
But that's when he felt
A sharp KICK in the jingle balls!

He fell to the floor
As Quick as a flash,
Embarrased that Fuji-cakes
Just kicked his punk ass!

Elsewhere in the party,
Jibby was having fun,
Playing Mario Kart Wii with Chiyo-chan,
A game that SHE won.

Sanji and the Strawhats
Were cooking a grand feast!
Poor Luffy was VERY Excited
To say the VERY Least...

He ate all the turkey
Before dinner-time was near,
So they kicked his punk rubber ass
The hell out of there!

More guests arrived
They came straight from Japan!
Robin Mask, King Muscle,
And of course, Buffaloman!

They stayed for a while
And mingled for a bit.
Then Robin Mask said,
"Sorry, but we have to get."

"There's a huge matchup tonight
And we're part of the stable.
It can only be seen
on Pay-Per-View Cable"

They said "Merry Christmas!"
And they went on their way.
More guests arrived
But this time they stayed.

They next to arrive
Were Megaman and Zero.
They played Haruhi and Konata
In a match of Guitar Hero!

Jaeger from Ultimate Muscle
Was also filled with great cheer.
"Ya!  I even brought Santa's favorite dish!
Weinersnitzle and beer!"

A Knock came at the door,
Who could it be?
Guests should of stopped coming
At a quarter past three!

BigAl went to check
And opened the door,
But as he took a peek,
His eyes became sore.

His worst nightmare was here
And made him throw such a fit.
It was Naruto who said,

Al slammed the door in his face
And went back for some food.
Everyone else saw
That he was extremely rude.

"Now listen here you Grinch!"
Said Nami with a frown,
"You get back there and invite him,
Or I'll throw your ass down!"

Colhan3000 then said,
"You should be ashamed of yourself!"
"Why can't you be more positive?"
Said Percy, dressed as an elf.

"What's the big deal?!
Nobody likes him anyway!
Now if you excuse me,
I have Smash Bros to play."

Everyone was shocked
At what BigAl had said.
They had no idea
What was running in his head.

As he was playing Brawl
At first he was glad.
But as the night dragged on,
He started to feel sad.

He started to wonder,
"Why do I feel so down, why?
Why is my Christmas Spirit
Slowly starting to die?"

BigAl was soon alone
Laying there still on the bed.
His heart was beginning
To fill with much dread.

Lotusama came in
To check up on Al.
After all, he is
Her best friend, brother, and pal.

"Hey Al, what's wrong?
Why are you feeling so down?
It's Christmas Eve!
You should be clowning around!"

"I don't know Lotus.
I just don't know what.
If I don't find out soon,
I fear I'll go nuts!"

"I know what you should do,"
Said Lady Lotus, so confident and astoot.
"You need to check up
On the kid in the orange jumpsuit."

"Lotus, you are right.
That what I did wasn't right.
I need to treat him like a friend,
Especially this Christmas night."

BigAl thanked Lotusama
As he went outside
Trying to figure out
Where Naruto went to hide.

He found Naruto On the sidewalk
He was ice cold in the snow.
BigAl reached out and said,
"Please!  Do not go!"

"I'm sorry for what I've done,
I don't know what I was thinking!
It must of been
That spiked Eggnog that i was drinking."

"Please come inside,
You don't need to pout.
I want to show you
What Christmas is truely about!"

BigAl went back
And the group was filled with Joy
The King went to Al and said
"Great job, MAH BOI!"

Ussop stood up and said,
"I have a tale to tell,
About the meaning of Christmas
And the very first Noel!"

"A long time ago,
In a place far away,
Mary and Joseph
had nowhere to stay!"

"The air was bone cold
Lands filled with snow
They stayed in a manger,
With nowhere else to go."

"Mary was having a baby
The time was drawing near,
And that's when
Three Wise men appeared."

"They were three kings
Both young, and old.
They brought gifts
Of Frankencense, Myrrh, and Gold!"

"The Baby was born
They were filled with such joy!
Mary gave birth
to a healthy baby boy!"

"I'll name him Jesus
Mary said with a Tear."
"And that's why
We celebrate Christmas every year."

"For you see, Christmas isn't about
How many toys you can buy,
But rather the warm fuzzy feeling
You get on the inside."

"To celebrate with your family
Your Nakama, friends, and Kin,
It's about the feeling
Of great joy, from Within."

Ussop took a grand bow
And everyone cheered,
It seemed that the Christmas Spirit
Was finally hear.

But then all of a sudden,
Everyone heard a strange sound.
It was a jingling of bells
That came all around.

Luffy went to the window
and said for everyone to hear,
"SUGOI! It's Santa Clause,
And his eight awesome reindeer!"

They all went outside
And stood in the Snow
They saw Santa and heard him say,
"Ho ho ho!"

Everyone was happy,
They started to sing.
The true meaning of Christmas
Was beginning to ring.

As Santa was flying by
He looked like Dr. Light
As he said "Merry Christmas to all of you!
And to all, a good night!!"

By BigAl2k6.
My version of The Night Before Christmas
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Kristanni20X6 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is pure awesomeness. I didn't know you were a poet.

And hooray for Goemon!
SnowLady4Ever Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Love it~
Specially the-

"He ate all the turkey
Before dinner-time was near,
So they kicked his punk rubber ass
The hell out of there!"

-part XD And of cource the part where BigAl-sama goes to get Naruto-sama ^__^
RJTH Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Epic to the high degree
Zemial99 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
Never notice that you use this as a script for your new video. Wow.
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
AShadowLink Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008   Filmographer
lol that was good
dboy3 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
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the most epic retell evar!!!
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