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September 3, 2008
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This rant is to express my feelings on a certain issue thats been interesting me lately.

It seems that I have reached that point in internet popularity where not only do i have a large fanbase of people who enjoy my work, but i have also attracted people who hate me.  It happens to EVERYONE who becomes popular.

While this doesn't bother me in the freaking slightest, it actually interests me.

I have been taking a look on Youtube and i decided to type my name, BigAl2k6 in the search engine.

Turns out, i have a lot of videos dedicated to me, but this isnt the issue here.

I also have some videos that show their disgust to me.

Most of them by a member on youtube known as BigAssHole2k6.

Yup, a troll.  

And every new video i have come out with, he has managed to take and fuck around with it so that I'm either doing something I'm not, or saying something screwed up.

Now, normally i would ignore morons like this, but i found something weird...WHY he's doing this..

This is from his OWN page..

"I hate BigAl because he attacked my friends and inspirations on YouTube. Therefore I've dedicated August 8th as "BigAl appreciation day" (heavily inspired by Spax3 day). If Spax3 gets his own hate day and he did much better than what BigAl has done then BigAl deserves one too."

But wait.....theres more.

"And also BigAl also acts like a arrogant fucking asshole and the way he sicks his thousands of fans on people is fucking sickening. Something MUST be done to this fucking disgrace."

At this point i am on the floor gasping for breath because of how pathetically funny this is.  Apparently, he is on a MISSION....a MISSION to stop me from making videos be cause i apparently attacked his friends...

Now, i have no fucking clue who his "friends" are, but if i attacked them, maybe i did because they were being assholes to ME.  Also, the fact that he calls ME an arrogant asshole that sics my fans on him is funny as hell.  Why?  

First of all, he acts like i have an army of fanboys ready to attack at a moments notice, and when something goes down, i go "FANBOYS ATTACK."  I dont have ANY controll over my fans, they act apon themselves.  ALL haters of popular users have this claim.  Gamingpalooza said the EXACT same thing about DarknesstheCurse, so this is nothing new at all.

Second, how many times do i have to say it...I never claim to better than anyone at anything.  There have been people ranting on youtube longer than me, and some of them are BETTER than me.  Drinkingwithbob for example.

Lets continue the lulz...

"Fuck BigAl and I hope he dies. and I am simply WISHING DEATH on him. And I am NOT threatning him. I am simply stating my opinion on this fuck. Threatning is telling him to do X action or Y action will happen. I would never track BigAl just to kill him because it's not worth getting arrested for. "

Oh great, a death wish....and he says that IM the one with no life.

So, he wants me to die because he doesnt like me.  Hoo boy, this is a doosy.

Lets take a look at the facts...

He says i have no life and im an arrogant asshole...

Who's the one taking my vids and altering them to make them look like shit?

Who's the one wanting me to die because they don't like me?

Who's the one who made an account called BIGASSHOLE2K6 for the sole reason of hating me?

Not to mention his biggest fans are BerzerkerTails, BigAss2k6, and FatAss2k6.

All you need to do is throw in Goronchev and we have 2008's Lemon Party.

Speaking of which, this dude has even faved goronchev's 50 minute video, AND his 30 minute video, AND his 10 minute video....90 minutes of hate, all dedicated to me...I feel special.

And while we are on the subject, everyone has forgotten about "you-know-who" except these people.

All I'm going to say is, ITS OVER.  G-man is done, the hate is done, WE are done.  Make alternate accounts for hating on someone else.

They also call me "the biggest crybaby ever" even comparing me to Chris Cockfag Crocker.  They even called me a "crybaby" relating to my 3 part series on goronchev.  Regarding BerzerkerTails, he threw such a huge fucking fit when i attacked Spax3.  BigAssHole2k6 threw a fit when i supposedly atacked his friends.  Goronchev threw a fit when i got more subs than him, AND when he got hate and i got love.  He got SO mad, and SO upset at me being more likable than him that he went as far as to make close to 90 minutes of hate footage on me.  Yet somehow, IM the crybaby here.

What I don't get is, when I tryed to ignore it and pretend this "goronchev" thing didnt exsist, i was labeled as a coward...but when i finally do make a video on it in a mature and professional matter, i was THEN labeled as a, you can never please these fucking morons.

The fact that people are spending this much time because they hate me over the INTERNET of all things, is fucking retarded.
another rant from the self-proclaimed master.
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DragonbloodRain Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
MisterTwoC Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Aren't you supposed to ignore trolls. Not respond to them
Vorahk295 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Trying to defend Spax3? That's just too funny. The only reason he ever got any attention was because he attacked the 4kids voice cast for the Sonic series.

Oh no! A series has lamer voice actors now, that actually don't sound much different, and I have to whine about it, because, even though Deem Bristow DIED, and they needed Mike Pollock, so they had to sign a contract with 4kids, or they would have no voice actors at all!

Basic impression of Spax3.
benos Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
Good concept there Al.

I too get alot of hate, like everyone for when I got on the goronchev drama as well, even himself made a video about me, trying to my personal information
not even close to find out where I "actually" live. As I did put my where I do work on my youtube profile. Properly a bad idea, but it was laughable him saying
I was a "biggest stalker of the century". Claiming over you supposed title of goronchev accusing you of being a stalker. I pretty much trolled the crap of his "fans"
as much as they did really. I guess now, things have calmed down, and the storm has settled down. I had a upload war on youtube with goronchev, when he
uploaded that "Best that ever lived" video. Kept uploading, but I kept coming back for more, almost flooding the page with videos. It actually kinda reminded of
that Kbob character that responded him in the old days. That was said on goronchev's ED Page. Well, my post will come at a end, before I overdo myself, good luck.
blueisawesome Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010   Filmographer
Trolls have no life, nor family or friends
Most of trolls are annoying. Not all, but some.
like: Lordeltigrexflame, sonicstirfe, the tie up spammers e.g. JombsMinion, AdamLyonisreal, and many more. They think there awesome, but there not. They think that making clone accounts is funny, but is not. Trolls likes to shit about you. There always getting attention. Ignore them. That's all.
howtouseim Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
I used to have a troll Dylan cant use his last name he tells me I have no life but go's on xbox
live everyday
BlueMario1016 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Student General Artist
I so agree with this, right here.
Trollers seriously got no freaking heart and no life.

They claim that I got no life. Now that makes me laugh. If they say that I got no life, Why do they post hate comments on innocent people's stuff and make fun of them all day and think that they Pwn others?

It's acutally the trolls that are lifeless. -_-

They're just pathetic!

And BTW I heard of those joke accounts (examples like BigA**hole2K6) that those stupid people made to make fun of you on various websites and try to ruin your reputation, that you mentioned. They are acutally impostor accounts. Trust me. More like Fail-posers, If you ask me. :icondragonmanplz:
Rhoey Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010   General Artist
My personal favorite line: "and I am simply WISHING DEATH on him. And I am NOT threatning him."

Hypocritical much? :lol:
GetsuakaKato Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
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