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September 30, 2008
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I am sure you all know about Youlkerstien...

the "oh-so-crazy" Christian alter-ego of a stupid jackass on youtube.

Well guess what....HE'S BACK

And he hates me more than ever before....for...some......reason...?

OK...heres the deal.

Currently....he's made a new account called thewhiteavenger, and he's making his "epic comeback."

How did I know this.?

Well, he made a fucking video about if people actually cared about his dumbass in the first place.

Not only this....but he has also posted 3 videos about me....and they cover 3 topics..guess what they arE?

-His Youlkerstein Account
-A typical troll video calling me a fatass and other shit.

His first video was called GORONCHEV WAS RIGHT

in this video he claims that Goronchev "made valid cliams" and "exposed me" and other shit.

OK...3 questions jackass.

1.)  Why should people give a flying fuck about what you have to say.  You don't exactly have the best of reputations here you know.

2.) Why should people all of a sudden believe you.  One minute you are telling certain members that they should burn in hell, that they are autistic, and that Jesus is upset with them.  Now, you are begging for subscribers, and for people to all of a sudden believe what you have to say.  

Why should we?  Do you really expect ANY of us except your fake alternate accounts to listen to what you have to say?  Now granted, your Youlkerstein account might have been a joke...but you DID say some outlandish and downright offensive shit from it.  And in your OTHER account, Polkerstein or whatever the fuck it was, you said it was only a joke and you didnt need to appologise for it....

OK...thats not how it works asshole.  You don't give someone a bloody nose and say it was only a joke.

3.)  Why are you bringing this up NOW.  The Goronchev thing was over a month ago.  The Youlkerstein thing is ancient history.  Why are you even bothering to bring these old, tired, and dead issues up now?

You know what, you remind me of someone i used to know on Youtube...what was his name...OH YEAH


Much like what Spax3 used to do, you are taking old, tired, and dead issues that nobody gives a shit about, and you are trying to start shit with them.

So...I'll ask again.  Why are you doing this...NOW.?

Also, your 2nd vid on me...BIGAL DIDNT IGNORE YOULKERSTEIN.

In this video you post 2 quotes by

And this is evidence.....why?

Oh, by the way, the only reason i made that vid because people were CONSTANTLY bugging me about i did it to shut them up.

Now, your 3rd vid....which features a pathetic attempt to mock me by drawing a kindergarden level drawing of how you view a blob with a face.

Now you are being a little fucking baby.  Everything you have said before that MIGHT of made sence doesnt even matter now because of this shit.  You have utterly wasted the effort of trying to make a stand against me by making a troll video.

Face it...the only reason you are doing these videos is because you are a desperate attention-whore.

Much like Spax and Goronchev, you will do ANYTHING for attention.

You were an attention whore as Youlkerstien.

You were an attention whore as Polkerstein.

You were an attention whore as BestJewishJackass.

You are an attention whore as thewhiteavenger.

And you WILL be an attention whore as Youlkersteinisback.

Face it, you fail as a vlogger, you fail as a game reviewer, you fail as a person.

In short, you fail at life, now GET THE FUCK OUT.
Guess who's baaaaaack?
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Kraka-chan Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*chuckles* The RandomDCE vid of the Screaming Cartman immediately comes to mind when I read this.

I do agree with you. People who just do stuff for attention is not worth anyone's time.
Zemial99 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
I only heard a rant on you and Darknessthecurse and I have to say that this guy fails on ranting.

I even forgot to mention that I watch his game reviews and I thought he was doing sarcasm. Turns out he fails at sarcasm.
TodorPetrovKoksharov Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
Wow that Youlkerstiend1 is just a backstabing prick!I guess he was droped too many times when he was a baby.
BreakerdeGodot Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008
Trust me, as a Christian, I can say with absolute certainty that this guy is no Christian... oy.
KaiserTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2008   Writer
BigAl, you're like shawn micheals!

LOL that always made me lol.

Youlkerstiend is fail, but like Daxflame, his retardation makes me laugh.
aj-the-snipe Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008
i find it really hard to figure out when to take yolkerstiend seriously. i mean... he was the only fake guy i couldnt figure out when i really should have. i was able to figure out chad warden but not this guy. i dont know. i dont hate the guy, but i really think he needs to scrap the whole offensive measures and needless attacking down the toilet. oh and by the way, i read his whole counter claim to this message that big al posted. when he said he wasnt seeking fame and attention, he is outright lying. i have proof that he was seeking fame and attention. he told me himself in a youtube message after he replied to one of mine. his message was this

" Thanks! I loved getting anti Youlkerstiend responses. I was seeking attention and fame and I got it."

and this was posted under his best jewish jackass account so that was a while ago. maybe he forgot that he was seeking fame and attention. and i dont mean to make him sound bad, i just want to set the record straight. to quote a really good defense attorney:

Zemial99 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
Youlkerstiend: "Thanks! I loved getting anti Youlkerstiend responses. I was seeking attention and fame and I got it."

Wow. All the rants on BigAl and other people just for that. *Facepalms while punching own hand that's on face".
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